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Utility Vehicles

Personnel and Burden Carriers.

Werres Corporation is the area’s number one provider of personnel and burden carriers. Offering a full line of utility vehicles and accessories, Werres specializes in tailoring our products to your application.

Our utility vehicle division services a broad spectrum of industries including Ball Parks and Arenas, Colleges and Universities, Zoos, Retirement Centers, Warehousing and Distribution Centers, Government Installations, Hospitals, Parks and Prisons.

We specialize in People Movers, Tug Systems, Ambulances, Fire Trucks and Trash/Refuse/Recycling Haulers and have a wide range of power options from gas to electric to diesel, LPG, NEV/LEV and flex fuel.

Werres Corporation
807 East South St
Frederick, MD 21701

Toll Free: 800-638-6563
Phone: 301-620-4000
Fax: 301-662-1028

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