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iWarehouse™Announcing Raymond’s iWarehouse – a fleet optimization system that feeds you real-time lift truck information that you can use to drive better business performance. Imagine a constant data flow that helps you:

  • Get more production from your operators and technicians – whose labor accounts for up to 80% of lift truck costs
  • Diagnose potential truck issues remotely
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Benchmark performance across sites and develop best practices
  • Optimize lift truck capital and maintenance costs
  • Move product more efficiently and profitably than ever.

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The Raymond Model 9000 Series Swing Reach Trucks

For narrow aisle applications, Raymond Corporation’s new 9000 series Swing Reach lift trucks now offer energy-saving features such as AC technology for longer battery run times, regenerative lowering that automatically recharges the battery and LED compartment lights.

Raymond’s exclusive ACR System combines AC drive motor and AC lift motor to provide quicker accelerations, smoother direction changes and quiet, precise traction and lift. It also delivers more runtime per battery charge and experiences less reduction in truck performance as the battery discharges for greater reliability.
The 9000 Series lift trucks can be used for both pallet handling and case picking for flexibility in changing warehouse environments and narrow aisles.

Raymond Model 9000 Interactive link



Werres Partners with Orion Energy Systems

Are the High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights you use to illuminate your warehouse hiding the cost of using them?  Do you know the true cost of lighting your warehouse? Do you want to learn how to save significantly on those costs?

 Lighting represents as much as 50% of industrial and commercial electrical consumption.  With the rising costs of electricity, replacing existing HID fixtures with energy efficient High-Intensity Fluorescent (HIF) technology can save you money now and will save you even more in the future.  The average savings per fixture when replacing a 400-watt HID with an Orion HIF is $100 per year.  And the benefits extend beyond the electrical costs alone.  Changing from HID to Orion HIF provides:

  • Better color rendering
  • Increased light levels
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Instant On – no restrike times
  • Cooler operating temperature
  • Improved employee morale, productivity and safety.

More than 3,700 facilities nationwide – including more than one hundred of the Fortune 500 companies – have installed Orion’s HIF lighting systems. 


If you want to see how your energy costs can be reduced and your bottom line improved, contact us.


Thinking Green?  Electric vs. Propane

Deciding what kind of fork truck will work best in your application may not be as simple as you think.  The market offers a wide array of options and power sources.  Gasoline, propane and electric are the primary power sources for fork trucks with diesel having its own niche.

For outdoor applications, the internal combustion engine powered by propane or gas (diesel for heavier applications) is the obvious choice. Propane and gas trucks also run faster and have more torque.

However, for indoor usage you have a third option – electricity – that can give you savings in many ways:

1.  Electric trucks have little to no exhaust emissions and operate much quieter than LP gas trucks contributing to a cleaner, greener warehouse.

2.  Electric trucks help you utilize your warehouse space more efficiently.  Trucks that operate in narrow aisles allow more storage space and picking productivity.

3.  While Electric trucks tend to cost more to purchase, partially due to the cost of industrial batteries and chargers, they are less expensive to run over the life of the vehicle.

      • Electric Trucks are less expensive to maintain – no oil changes like internal combustion engine trucks,
      • Electric Trucks tend to have a longer useful life – approximately 7.5 years for internal combustion vs. approximately 11 years for electric (with batteries lasting about 5 years and chargers about 15 years).
      • Fuel cost savings can be substantial depending on local LP and electric costs.
      For more information and for help deciding on the right investment for your business, contact us.



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